Greek Practice in Galen’s Œuvre: Some Case Studies



Greek, Galen, particles, Atticism, Second Sophistic


The present study offers an analysis of selected Greek particles in Galen’s œuvre. Galen’s preserved works make him by far the most prolific author of his time; he therefore represents a mine for investigations into the Greek language of the Roman Empire. Galen was a keen philologist, who produced vast amounts of commentaries and works of philological interest, the majority of which are now lost: studying Galen’s style is a gateway to reconstruct Galen’s rhetorical and stylistical profile. Given the vast quantity of texts at our disposal and their sheer diversity, the particles and particle clusters under scrutiny are comparatively few; I have privileged examples of particles and particles clusters that Galen uses to emphasise his point, conclude his arguments and communicate his intentions to his audience. Some appear to be signature phrases. Emphasised particles and particle clusters include: ἄρα, τοιγαροῦν, ἀτὰρ οὖν καί.