Euripides, Pherecrates, and the Greek Stem βοτρυχ-

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Donald J. Mastronarde


This paper reviews the evidence for the possibility that the stem βοστρυχ- (mostly applied to curls of hair) had a poetic byform βοτρυχ-, the form that has been accepted in some editions of Eur. Phoen. 1485 (βοτρυχώδεος) and Pherecrates fr. 202 Kassel–Austin (βοτρύχοισι). Literary and botanical uses of the stem in several authors are considered, as well as possible interaction between βοστρυχ- and the stem βοτρυ- (grape-cluster) either by poetic conceit, popular etymology, or (less likely) actual etymology. 

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