La provincia di Iudaea in un inedito cursus senatorio di Roma Al Prof. Silvio Panciera, per i suoi 70 anni

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Gian Luca Gregori


An unpublished fragment of an inscription from Rome, stored in the church of St. Saba on the Aventine, preserves the remains of the onomastic and the career of a senator who served as governor of Judaea. By comparing the little information that can be derived from our fragment  (the man was a pontifex and in all likelihood reached the consulate) with that of senators known to have served as governors of Judaea, the Author suggest identifying the honorand  with the senator from Pergamon Caius Iulius Quadratus Bassus, whose career unfolded under Trajan, and who distinguished himself during the second Dacian War, for which he received the ornamenta triumphalia in 107. Another fragment, reused in the pavement of the same church of S. Saba (CIL VI 31781, today lost) and containing the last part of a dedication to an unknown senator who likewise attained the ornamenta triumphalia, may well be part of the same inscription to which our fragment belonged. Finally, although the exact provenance of our fragment, like that of CIL VI 31781, is unknown, we can suppose that the home of the senator was located on the Aventine.

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