Aristotle, Topics 122a27-30 and Related Issues

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John Glucker


In this article I suggest that at 122a27-8 we should emend μήτ’  αὐξήσεως  μήτ’  μειώσεως to μήτ’  αὐξήσεως  μήτ’  ἀλλοιώσεως. This although  μείωσις,  the opposite of αὔξησις, seems to be quite natural here. My reasons for this emendation are complex, and involve a discussion, with many quotations from Aristotle and from Alexander of Aphrodisias as testimonies for the various points I make. Much of my discusuon also helps in sorting out some details in Aristotle's discussions of κίνησις of various sorts, and is directed at students who have paid much attention to the Physics  in the original Greek.

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