Latin Inscriptions of the Legio VI Ferrata from Legio / Lajjun and its Vicinity

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Werner Eck
Yotam Tepper


Although only fragments of new Latin inscriptions were found in and around the legionary base of Legio they are more or less representative of the life of a Roman legion as far as it was voiced by inscriptions — here in the province of Syria Palaestina as in other provinces. Some of the inscriptions were found inside the legionary base, others in different places in the vicinity outside the military base. We can suppose that these sites were connected with the legion, perhaps even organized and managed by the legionaries and maybe even “families” of the soldiers at the nearby civilian Jewish-Samaritan village of Kefar ʻOthnay. That two of the inscriptions are dedications to deities of the Roman pantheon is not surprising. Most military people were aware that their life needed the protection of the gods, maybe even more than the life of civilians.

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